I often see a diamond on a ring or a pendant, which according to its shape, chemical composition and certificate is a diamond, but it does not look like a diamond should look, beautiful, sparkling and shiny. I’m not talking about clarity or color, or even cut. They do not have to be high for a diamond to hold your breath. There are many more characters for the diamond that determine its quality and affect how it looks, shiny and sparkling or just a lifeless stone

The Internet does not tell you about these things … Features such as fluorescence, cloudiness, various shades and minerals in diamonds, all these and more affect the beauty of the diamond. A diamond can be very clean or have a high color, but if one of the features I mentioned exists at its highest level the diamond will not be beautiful and full of life, and its price is relatively cheap, because a diamond that does not look like a diamond is a “finished” diamond.

The impact of one of these features is more important on the quality, beauty and price of the diamond then degree of color or clarity.

You have to decide whether you want to say that you have a diamond or that you and everybody around you will see that you have one.

Do not be tempted to size and unreasonably low price. Do not forget why you buy a diamond, when you look at it you want to see sparks, to see the “fire” in it, all without any special effort. You want to enjoy it for many more years and know that you have made a wise purchase.



Jeremy Lapid

Nature’s Shiny

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