Nature Shiny was founded by the Jewelry designer and manufacturer Jeremy Lapid. Jeremy came from a family of diamonds manufacturers. In 2002 he started his way studying Gemology (evaluation of diamonds) in order to deepen the knowledge of this remarkable gemstone and engage in this field. Over the years Jeremy began designing jewelries and developed an elegant, refined and contemporary design language.

The brand Nature Shiny comes to emphasize our belief using diamonds and gemstones that come from the nature, and of course from a non-conflicted areas.

From our studio in Tel Aviv, together with a trained staff, we design, produce high quality handmade jewelries from the beginning to the end, and marketing them all over the world.

Hey, my name is Jermy Lapid, contemporary jewelry designer. My activity in the jewelry area is a big and important part of my life. I once heard Chris Rock saying that when you love what you do there is not enough time in the day, you come early and go late just to suffice, and that is how I feel too. I love what I do and strive to do the best that possible.

Our goal is to produce beautiful and elegant jewelries with high quality diamonds and gemstones, and high quality lasting work.