The two best ways to accurately measure the size of the ring is to come with your girlfriend to the store and let us measure her ring size or she can go alone go to a jewelry store and ask to measure her ring size.

If you can not go to the store or you want to surprise her then there are two measurement methods that give quite accurate results (nevertheless there is still a small chance of non-compliance):

Method one – measuring finger with wire:

  1. Take a wire and circle your finger. It is best to leave it slightly loose to allow the ring to pass through the thickest part of the finger.
  2. Mark the thread exactly where the wire begins.
  3. Take the string and measure its length until the markup.
  4. In the attached table check her ring size according to the length of the wire.

Method 2 – Drawing the ring:

  1. Take an old ring belonged to her that is worn on the same finger where the new ring is supposed to be.
  2. Place the ring on paper.
  3. Draw the inner circle of the ring.
  4. Measure the diameter.
  5. Compare the diameter you find in the table to her ring size.