eternity rings

The Internity ring, also known as the Infinity ring, is a ring for a woman that is usually made of gold and studded along its entire length with diamonds of the same size and quality that symbolize endless love. A ring that is studded only in its upper half is called a half-eternity ring.

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The concept of the eternity ring was created in 1960 by the diamond company De Beers. At the time the company had a secret agreement with the Soviet Union that in exchange for creating a single supply channel of diamonds that De Beers would control, they would buy 90-95% of the Soviet Union’s rough diamonds.
The fashion at the time in the field of diamond jewelry was engagement rings in the center of which there is one large diamond. But Soviet diamonds were small, usually below 0.25 carats. To avoid accumulating diamonds, De Beers embarked on a campaign of rings containing a number of small diamonds that culminated in an eternity ring designed for older married women. One of the slogans of the publication was “She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it’s going. ” The idea proved popular and sales were significant.

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