In Nature Shiny you will find real natural diamonds from non conflict areas only. Diamonds are the hardest and shiniest minerals. Their growth in the depths of the earth lasts 3 billion years. Volcanic eruptions push them out of the ground. When you wear a diamond you wear a glory that was created by Mother Nature over billions of years. A diamond is not only a stone that can be produced in a lab. A real diamond is a symbol of Power, Strength, Determination, Exclusive, Journey, Nature with all of its glory.

That is why we believe that a real diamond is a natural diamond, and make sure that all of our diamonds come from the nature, not from conflict areas and had no treatment. The color gemstones are also natural only.

Unfortunately synthetic diamonds had penetrated to the jewelry industry without people knowing about that and they are sold as real diamonds. All of our diamonds go through Instruments (DiamondSure, DiamondView) that are meant to distinguish between natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds, including the small diamonds! All the diamonds pass under the Israel Diamond Exchange supervision with Kimberley process certificate that insure these diamonds did not come from conflict areas.

Additionally all the diamonds and the gemstones had no coloring or cleaning treatment from the believe that when you buy a diamond you want the diamond to stay beautiful as is forever and will not change after few years. A treatment does not last forever and there is a need to treat it again every few years. Additionally the treatment itself is sensitive to chemicals, heat and cold and makes the diamond sensitive as well and it is not what the diamond represents by our believe.



Jeremy Lapid