Blood diamonds or conflict diamonds are diamonds mined in war zones, usually in Africa, from which about two-thirds of all diamonds in the world come.

Conflict diamonds got their name because of their use to fund the fighting activities of rebels, dissidents and guerrilla armies operating in Africa. Mining Conflict Diamond has caused many Africans to become orphans and widows, with a large proportion of diamond miners being children.

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Mining and selling blood diamonds is considered a serious violation of human rights due to a number of reasons. 
First, diamond mining is done under duress and under threat, by citizens of countries where the conflict takes place, in harsh living conditions, while restricting the person’s freedom and sense of security, harming his body and sometimes even taking his life.
Second, the sale of blood diamonds finances the continuation of the armed conflict between rebel groups and guerrilla organizations while harming the civilian population, their place of residence, their lives and their bodies, the possibility of living with dignity and security.

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Human rights abuses and the sale of blood diamonds have occurred in the past, and are occurring today, in many countries on the African continent, including: Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe.
The Kimberly Process was established with the aim of regulating a reliable system that examines the trade in rough diamonds, and prevents trade in blood diamonds.

The film “Blood Diamond” starring Leonardo DiCaprio deals with blood diamonds that are mined in conflict zones in Sierra Leone to arm rebel groups and fund military clashes. The plot of the film takes place against the background of the civil war in Sierra Leone when the use of blood diamonds for the purposes of financing the fighting was at its peak. The film contributed to the spread of awareness around the world not to buy diamonds mined in conflict zones in Africa. The film’s release also contributed to the diamond industry’s transition to a transparent process in which for the first time the diamond industry in the United States allowed the publication of economic data to the public as part of a Kimberley Process charter.

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The film “Minister of War” starring Nicholas Cage deals with arms trade against the background of civil wars in Africa where blood diamonds are used as currency for barter

A clip of Kenya West’s song “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” depicts the use of children to mine blood diamonds under the watchful eyes of armed guards, and the spectacle of Westerners buying blood diamonds. The clip ends with the text “Please Purchase Conflict-Free Diamonds”

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