At Nature Shiny you will find only natural diamonds!

We believe that a real diamond is a natural diamond, and we make sure that all our diamonds came from nature, not from conflict zones and were not treated. The other colored gems are also natural. (Except for black diamonds that are real but have special coloring for black).

Unfortunately, synthetic diamonds have penetrated the jewelry industry without people knowing about it and being sold as real. All of our diamonds go through machines (DiamondSure, DiamondView) to make sure the diamonds are natural and non-synthetic, including the small diamonds!

All diamonds are purchased in legal ways from the Diamond Exchange in Israel with a certificate from the Kimberley Process that ensures these diamonds did not come from conflict zones.

All diamonds and gems (except black ones) have not been treated with color or cleanliness in the belief that when you buy a diamond you want the diamond to remain beautiful, as it is, forever and not change after a few years. Treatment does not last forever and should be re-treated every few years. In addition, the treatment itself is sensitive to heat and cold and makes the diamond sensitive as well