Round Diamond

Round diamonds make up 75% of the world’s diamonds. Round shape is the most popular form of diamonds. It also gives the most brilliance of all shapes. The modern round diamond has 58 facets, 33 in the crown (the upper part) and 25 in the pavilion (the lower part).

If you are looking for an engagement ring, the round diamond is the most beautiful and most popular in solitaire engagement rings. Round diamonds give the most shine and sparkle provided the cutting is good. Round diamond displays the optimal lightning and fire. The round diamond brilliance in some cases improves the color of the diamond.

Round diamonds are expansive per carat than the other forms for two reasons: demand for round diamonds is very high, and yields are relatively low. Because more than the rough diamond gets lost in the cut of a round diamond the cost of each carat remains higher.

יהלום עגול - round diamond

Princess Diamond

The Princess diamond is the most popular shape after the round diamond. The Princess diamond is a shiny square with sharp unbroken corners. The shape of the lanterns is known. Its shape is more square than rectangular in order to emphasize the fire of the diamond.

The Genesis form has about 76 aspects that add to its brilliance and fire, helping it to compete with the visual effect of the round diamond. The Princess diamond ring is very flattering to women with long fingers. 

If you want the sparkle of round diamond, but want something different, then pricess diamond is the choice for you. The shape of the pricess was designed to produce the maximum brilliance and fire from a square diamond.

יהלום פרינסס - princess diamond

Marquise Diamond

The Marquise cut diamond is sharp and shiny in the shape of a boat. The long, narrow shape of the marquise creates the illusion of a larger diamond than other forms of the same weight. 

Its unique and elegant shape makes it stand out and be the center of attention. In the ring, its elongated shape makes the fingers appear long and thin. On the neck it looks excellent on a solitaire pendant.

יהלום מרקיז - marquise diamond

Pear Diamond

Lives Up to his name, Pear diamond is a combination of Marquise and Oval shapes. This is one of the hardest forms for cutting. Drop diamonds are mainly for pendants and earrings. The rings of the drop are flattering to small, thin fingers. It is different from the round diamond in its shape but very similar in its sparkle, and it has its unique beauty.

If you like the spark and the “fire” in round diamonds, but want a unique shape that suits your style, Pear diamond is known as one of the most interesting diamond shapes.

יהלום טיפה - pear diamond

Cushion Diamond

Cushin is an ancient style and looks like a cross between an ancient and deep cut (which was common at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century) and the cutting of the modern oval. It is sometimes called a pillow and a candle diamond (a diamond candle refers to a period before the invention of electric lights when diamonds glinted in the light of candles).

The Cushion diamond is not as full of sparkle and fire as other diamonds, but it has a wonderful, romantic and classic look, and it stands out among all the round diamonds

יהלום קושיין - cushion diamond

Emerald Diamond

The emerald diamond has a rectangular shape. The flaws inside the diamond and paint look more easily, so it is recommended for high cleanliness and color. The cut is characterized by the stairs and therefore is also called cutting a step. The diamond has between 50 and 58 aspects.

Emerald-cut diamond is less glittering and shiny than the other cuts, and yet it is very popular with its unique vintage design. The emphasis of cleanliness and color makes it ideal for those who want to demonstrate the high quality of the stone.

יהלום אמרלד - emerald diamond

Heart Diamond

The heart is an ancient symbol of love and romance. A diamond heart is actually a drop diamond with a cleft in the center of its upper part. In this way the cutting skill determines the beauty of the diamond. The standard number of aspects of the heart diamond is 59.

Choosing a diamond heart is a way to highlight yourself from other popular forms and at the same time keep the brilliance and fire in the diamond. The heart diamond is popular in a chain, a promise ring and earrings. Traditionally a heart diamond is not popular in engagement rings and is usually given at less formal occasions such as birthday, anniversary and valentine day.

Diamond Heart is the ideal way to balance the brilliance and fire with a unique diamond.

יהלום לב - heart diamond

Oval diamond

A different version of the round diamond, the oval diamond is perfectly symmetrical. Traditionally it is popular among women with small hands or short fingers, its elongated shape gives a flattering illusion of length to the hands and fingers.

If you want features that resemble the round diamond along with something unique than diamond oval is the choice. Similar to the round diamond Lauble has 56 aspects.

Oval diamonds generally reflect the light brilliantly, and are at their best when their color is high.

יהלום אובל - oval diamond

Radiant Diamond 

A cube-shaped diamond that characterized by cut corners, a radiant diamond combines the elegance of the emerald shape and the brilliance of the round shape. It’s 70 aspects maximize color breaking. Due to its design, the Radiant diamond requires more depth in order to improve the brilliance.

Radiant diamonds are an excellent choice for engagement rings as well as other fine jewelry.

Due to their large table, Radiant diamonds flaws are shown relatively easily.

יהלום רדיאנט - radiant diamond

Asscher Diamond

A square-graded diamond, often called a square emerald shape, and like an emerald shape also has a cut corners. There are no typical proportions for the diamond which is not so common. In fact this form is rare and usually not found in the retail market. A diamond that has rapidly gained popularity since it appeared in the Sex and the City program and stars such as Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow received a diamond engagement ring.

The standard number of diamond aspects is 72. The design of a diamond is designed to attract the eye to the diamond inside so you must choose the diamond with the highest level of clarity you can afford.

יהלום אשר - asscher diamond